about us


PLMD Group is a holding company for PLMD Development, PLMD Estate Management and PLMD Capital. With more than fifteen completed projects, the team at PLMD Group provide expertise in real estate development combined with asset management in addition to extensive knowledge of local planning policies and giving the group a strong track record in turning liabilities into valuable assets.

The group delivers value through a fusion of experience, innovative design, imagination, hands-on management and sustainable resources.

plmd development

At PLMD Development, we develop and refurbish properties in and around London, Essex and Kent. As a company, PLMD Development prides itself in employing a multi-faceted approach to property development including: 1. Conversions and refurbishments 2. High-yielding rental properties 3. New build developments

plmd estate management

The team at PLMD Estate Management fulfil the responsibility of letting out real estates post development completion. We provide real estate management for any size property from single unit to block units. The team define real estate management as the daily oversight of residential and commercial estates.

plmd capital

The team are determined to create partnerships with private investors to help accelerate its growth goal by building more homes every year. By making long-term commitments to the sector, we amplify what is a structural, not cyclical, re-allocation of capital. The firm guarantees to provide transparency and deep insight into how investments are secured and delivered.



Committed to learn, grow and stretch to the highest level of our ability and potential, we have been in the business for more than 20 years.


As asset managers, we procure assets and sites to add value, build, rent and sell them out for the long run to get returns.


We pride ourselves in providing comfortable rented accommodation for tenants. As a small dedicated team we look after our properties and tenants.

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