How is Property an Investment Asset?

Investing in property can bring an abundant of benefits to a wide range of stakeholders; banks, private companies, construction companies, and most importantly, property-owners. When investing in property, it is an asset that can provide long-term capital gain as the value of your property, will more often than not, appreciate.

Controlled Asset

Purchasing either land or property is a long-term investment for both the individual investor and financial companies. It is the type of investment you can have complete control over, from purchasing it, to remodeling it, to selling it and increasing the return; a controlled asset. But, if you choose to invest in an asset like trading stocks or shares, the price may fluctuate, which means your return can also fluctuate.


Gearing is also another benefit when it comes to investing, generally speaking. It is a concept that involves borrowing funds to invest in an asset, whether it be land, stocks or for commercial purpose.

For example, if you have £100K to invest, it is more efficient to purchase 4 properties worth £25k each, with a £75k mortgage on each, rather than 1 property worth £100k. This is so if the value of the property appreciates by 10% within the next year, you would have made a total of £40k, as opposed to only £10k if you had purchased 1 property.

Gearing is a concept that helps you boost your capital gain quicker, and also build your property portfolio.


When purchasing a property, it gives you the opportunity to remodel it, which may also increase the property’s value. However, purchasing a building is not the only type of property that is a worthwhile investment. Purchasing land can also be a long-term investment.

Land is probably the easiest type of investment you could acquire, as it requires minimal effort to maintain it. It is also the greatest opportunity to develop your own private or commercial property. This also encourages capital gain, regardless of whether you choose to develop a private or commercial property, as it provides you the option to rent out the building to tenants.


Buy-to-let is a popular strategy to prepare yourself for retirement. The ability to sit at home and relax, whilst receiving rental income, will help pay off any outstanding mortgages and financial loans. The key benefit is the capacity for rental income to remain parallel with inflation.


Commonly, there is a misconstrued perception when it comes to investing – you should  have all the funds available to invest. Although it may be ideal, it is not realistic in this day and age.

Websites such as Crowd Property provides the opportunity for investors, particularly businesses, to receive funding efficiently from other businesses. This may be either for private use, to fund for the construction of a commercial property, or projects.

However, there is the most notable assistance when it comes to investing, which is through obtaining a mortgage. The key long-term benefit of a mortgage is the ability to build your financial portfolio and increase your capital gain, other than the obvious of it being a helping hand to support your investments.

It is often assumed that it may be difficult to obtain property without any financial stress, due to the increase in property prices. But there are several longstanding advantages, as it is an asset that will provide capital growth. The earlier you start, the quicker you receive the longstanding benefits.