PLMD - Property & real Estate DEVELOPMENT


PLMD Development comprises three core initiatives: property acquisition, project management and construction. We have a strong network of real estate professionals who support us throughout every stage of the property & real estate development process. With more than 70 Build to Rent(BTR) properties and £20M+ assets under management, we have a proven track record for success.


Our experienced land acquisition team is constantly on the lookout for undervalued real estate property with the potential to grow the development portfolio and increase the turnover of the business. Our main focus is to mitigate risks from potential developments and identify the maximum value. The team considers technical aspects before acquiring land and dealing with large-scale sites:

– Planning permission expertise

– Full Market research and knowledge

– Excellent valuation strategies

– Efficient models and techniques to identify risks

PLMD Property & Real Estate Development Meeting
Project Management


Our property real estate project management team use their expertise to push projects to completion. The team come together with different skills and experiences to deliver high value developments by adhering a variety of techniques and methods. We are responsible for ensuring the project is completed on time and in budget.


We have an experienced and reputable team of contractors and project managers who we trust to deliver on time and within budget. We take a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to construction with consideration for our impact on the environment in both the short term as well as the long term.

Property Construction