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The growing realisation of a lower-for-longer global interest rate horizon, coupled with heightened market volatility, and meagre bond and equity returns, have contributed to a secular shift to real estate assets. 

As investors contemplate the implications of political and economic uncertainty on capital markets, it seems a pertinent time to readdress the rationale for real estate in a multi-asset portfolio, and how to optimise performance in an ever more globalised economy.


Our Vision

Our Vision

To buy, hold, maintain and augment value of our real estate investments to provide lucrative return to our investors. 

Why Invest With PLMD

Guaranteed to provide transparency and deep insight into how investments are secured and delivered. 

Our Growth

We are a small firm; small enough to care, BIG enough to deliver on our one to one relationships.


By making long-term commitments to the sector, we amplify what is a structural, not cyclical, re-allocation of capital.

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