PLMD capital

Who Are We

PLMD Capital is the funding arm of PLMD Group and is responsible for generating funding to real estate developments that meet stringent investment criteria. PLMD Capital’s mission is to provide bespoke investment opportunities in the residential real estate sector for investors with an appetite for value-add properties as well as ground up green developments in the UK’s highest house price growth location – London.


What makes us special?

PLMD Capital has an investment programme that maintains an appropriate balance between risk and return and this will be through investing in balanced portfolios.

  • PLMD Capital has a cautious and optimistic growth vision for all partners
  • We have a track record of assisting clients in achieving industry-leading results. We provide a combination of income return and capital appreciation, with investment terms ranging from one to several years. We execute high-yield projects such as co-living housing and blocks of apartments in collaboration with institutional and private investors.
  • PLMD Group’s portfolio of completed projects stretches across strategic locations selected for potential economic growth, investment and regeneration and commute time to London.         

Our strategy

PLMD Group generates strong investment returns using a combination of tactics that create value including:

  • Low-basis acquisition prices
  • Physical asset enhancements
  • Operating expense control
  • Revenue enhancements

Extensive due diligence is carried out on each individual property, on the land and the surrounding area in order to assess whether it will be financially viable, and most importantly, profitable. 

Our strong local presence with a network of brokers, contractors and legal experts established over a decade allows PLMD Group to capitalise on significant deal flow and execution capabilities for investors.

Our strategy intends to enhance property value by delivering superior quality projects within budget and with high profit margins, which drives risk-adjusted returns.

PLMD Capital has a clear and defined investment strategy derived from detailed market knowledge and quantitative analysis. In recognition that property is a real asset, it will be managed effectively so as to exploit ‘added value’ opportunities.

Our approach


To buy, hold, maintain and augment value of our real estate investments to provide lucrative return to our investors. 


Guaranteed to provide transparency and deep insight into how investments are secured and delivered. 

Our Growth

We are a small firm; small enough to care, BIG enough to deliver on our one to one relationships.


By making long-term commitments to the sector, we amplify what is a structural, not cyclical, re-allocation of capital.

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